The benefits of ecigarettes over traditional cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes, also known as ecigarettes, are the latest trend in the tobacco industry. E-cigarettes were developed in the late sixties but have only gained popularity in the past decade. Currently, there are more than three hundred brands and more than four million users of ecigarettes in the United States. The use of these cigarettes has gained rapid popularity, especially among the youth, as people gain more awareness about the negative impacts of traditional smoking on health and environment.

The electronic cigarette is a battery operated nicotine inhaler that consists of a rechargeable battery, an atomizer, mouthpiece and an led light at one end. The light emitting diode simulates traditional cigarettes by lighting up when the ecigarette is puffed. The atomizer is filled with liquid propylene glycol, nicotine and flavors. When the ecigarette is puffed, the e-liquid is heated to produce a vapor, thus the term vaping. There are many benefits of using ecigarettes as opposed to traditional smoking techniques.

Unlike traditional tobacco smokes, e-cigarettes do not have an offensive odor. Traditional cigarettes are abhorred by non-smokers for their stench. What’s worse is that the odor clings to clothes, hair, vehicles and anything that comes into contact with the smoker. Traditional cigarettes burn a mixture of tar, tobacco and chemicals that produces the offensive stench. Electronic cigarettes do not have tar, tobacco leaves and smelly chemicals thus reducing the ominous stench. Conversely, the manufacturers of ecigarettes have developed sweetly scented flavors such as chocolate, bubble gum, mint and lavender to improve the smoking experience.

E-cigarettes are much cheaper than traditional cigarettes. An ecigarette starter kit costs between thirty to a hundred dollars. The estimated replacement cost of cartridges is six hundred dollars per year for a regular smoker. This is much cheaper than the one thousand dollars that it costs a traditional cigarette smoker to purchase cigarette packs. The ejuice is purchasable in bulk from online stores. Furthermore, many producers of ecigarettes have discount coupons and promotional codes that reduce the cost of electronic cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes are safer than traditional cigars since they do not involve use of an open flame. Reports indicate that cigarettes are a leading cause of fire related deaths in the United States, and cause up to ten percent of accidental fires. E-cigarettes do not use an open flame, thus drastically reducing the chance of fire. Electronic cigarettes are battery operated and have little chance of harming the user.

Currently, there is no regulation that prohibits the use of ecigarettes in public. The Food and Drug Administration has not found a reason to prohibit public smoking of ecigarettes since they do not emit smoke or harmful toxins. Electronic cigarettes appeal to environmentally conscious individuals who are against the emission of harmful toxins into the atmosphere, as is the case with traditional cigarettes. Furthermore, electronic cigarettes reduce the number of harmful toxins inhaled through traditional smoking. Electronic cigarettes contain only nicotine unlike traditional cigarettes which contain numerous toxic chemicals and carcinogenic compounds.

The e-cigarette is lauded as a smoking cessation product of great value to traditional smokers who want to quit. Users of ecigarettes enjoy a variety of products in different flavors and nicotine intensities. There are standard, medium and low nicotine content cartridges for ecigarettes that allow users to limit their nicotine consumption. This can be helpful for smokers who want to quit their addiction to cigarettes.

There are numerous social benefits of using an electronic cigarette over traditional tobacco cigarettes. Over the years, tobacco smoking has become negatively viewed by many members of society. Social interactions between smokers and non-smokers are a little strained. Traditional tobacco smoking imposes restrictions on dating, socializing at parties and even getting jobs for some smokers. Electronic cigarettes are a reprieve since they can be used in many social occasions without offending non-smokers.

Despite the fact that scientific study regarding the impact of ecigarettes is still in its initial stages, it is safe to conclude from the aforementioned benefits that they are a safer alternative to traditional cigarettes. However, users are advised to purchase original branded products from reputable companies. This booming industry has unfortunately attracted a lot of unscrupulous companies that produce cheap imitations that may be harmful to the health of users.

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